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• Kitchen and bathroom tile and grout cleaning
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• Stain and odour removal
• Stain protection
• End of let carpet cleaning

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Protect your investment, by regular cleaning. This will greatly enhance the life span and appearance of your carpets and upholstery.
Planned maintenance will extend the life expectancy of your soft furnishings and carpets by over 100%.
Removing stains before they become permanent and sand, grit and soil that can grind the life out of your carpet or upholstery.

What method do you use?
I use a truck mounted carpet cleaning system, this is far more powerful and effective than portable systems and any other cleaning system, this removes more stains and soiling and dries far quicker, which greatly enhances the life span and appearance of your carpets and upholster. 

1) Will cleaning damage my carpet

No. it will greatly extend and enhance the life and appearance of your carpet by removing harmful grit, sand and dirt. “Rather like washing your clothes”.

2). Can you removal all stains?

No. no one can guarantee to remove all stains. I will do my utmost to but it depends on the nature of the stain, the fibre that has been stained, the length of time the stain has been there and whether the customer has ‘attempted’ to remove stains themselves. And in so doing ‘fixed’ or ‘set’ the stain. If in doubt call me out.
However, the more I know about your stain the better, as different stains need varying methods and cleansers to achieve the best results, and don’t forget professional carpet cleaners have commercial cleaning methods and cleansers, that are not available to the general public.

3) Will the carpet re-soil more quickly once cleaned?

No, many many many years ago, carpet cleaners used to use all sorts of foaming cleaning chemicals or even washing powered or washing up liquid these would leave a sticky residue in the carpet that would be almost impossible to remove, and therefore attract soil almost immediately. 
Modern day cleaning agents clean in a completely different way and leave no sticky residue.

4) How long will my carpet take to dry?

Usually between one and for hours, depending on the type of carpet, length of pile, amount of soiling and atmospheric conditions (rain and humidity). 

5) White wine or salt to remove red wine?

What a waste of white wine! 

All white wine does is dilute the red wine as its 85% water, it is far better to blot with a clean white towel (an old one) or plain white kitchen towel and then use cold tap water to dilute the stain and repeat the blotting process, salt can actually set the stain so keep it for your chips. If the stain is still apparent then please feel free to call Superior Cleaning for advice.

6) Can you remove blood?

99 times out of 100, yes, as long as the customer has not set the stain by incorrectly attempting to remove the stain themselves. Use the blotting method mentioned above. 
Never use hot water only cold.

7) My carpet is very dirty is it worth cleaning?

That, I can only tell you if I see it first, just call me I’ll come over I’ll give you an honest opinion on what sort of results can be expected. With my truck mounted cleaning system I offer a total customer satisfaction guarantee. 
I’m quite happy to test clean a small area as a sample and only proceed once you are delighted; there is no charge for the test cleaning.
I won’t take payment until you’re completely delighted with the results.

8) I suffer from allergies; will your cleaning methods aggravate them?

No, I’ve a vested interest in this, as I too suffer from allergies, because of this I have developed a special cleaning method which is safe and does not leave any harmful residue. 

9) What happens if a mark or stain comes back?
Don’t worry, if there is the slightest problem then I want you to call me back, no charge no quibbles. That’s the Superior Cleaning promise.

10) How much do you charge?

If you are looking for the cheapest quote I’m probably not going to be the man you’re looking for, I use the highest quality cleaning machinery, cleaning agents and methods I also guarantee all my work. You get what you pay for. I offer a fair price for a Superior Cleaning service. 
Every job is different, so it’s impossible to say without seeing it first. I don’t charge for quotes and there’s no obligation or pressure to book an appointment, I would much rather take the time to give you a free quote than make a wild guess, that does neither me nor you any favours.
Beware of bait and switch! 
Low quotes over the phone are just a way of baiting you in, and switching you to higher price upon their arrival.

For example:
“Oh it’s a wool carpet”
“Oh it’s a nylon carpet”
“Oh it’s a very light colour”
“It’s bigger than I expected”
“There’s furniture in the room”
“Oh you have pets we need to use a special cleaning agent”
“Oh it’s on the floor” etc…
These are only but a few excuses for putting the prices up by less ethical people.

I use only environmentally, biologically and wool safe cleaning agents.